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"The best way to Monitor and Examine Your Waste operations with SEE-Live Advanced and Techy Waste Analytics Solution. "

Providing vision to increase productivity and transparency of your waste analytic result, See-Live can help you with latest technological solution. We can help you in rationalizing your waste management further irrespective if you are a broker or a business holder.

See-Live Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is incorporated in the year 2016 by Mr. Kirit Sobti. His dream to make India and Africa clean, green and rising, motivating him to rise in the waste management sector. See-Live is able to cut the cost of waste collection, generating efficiency and incentivize recycling.

A Smart Sensor for Smart Cities

  • Track Bin is a unique sensor that brings innovative technology and scientific approach towards a cleaner environment by supporting a complete infrastructure for waste management.
  • Wireless solution with ultrasonic signal processing that enables you to measure the level of waste in the bins on your systems.
  • It is connected through a cellular network that will send signals to your systems and mobile applications.
  • Reduction of trucks, fuel, time and a total cost up to 40 percent.
  • Definitely a smarter and innovative way for sustainable collection of waste in our cities.

Track Bin Sensors

Best in Class Accuracy and Reliability

Integrated Waste
Management System

(D2D Collection)

Integrated Waste Management system with RFID tags, Vehicle computing unit and GPS/GPRS based tracker, helps to collect the bin and send real time report to the server for analysis.

Clean CAP

Wireless bin fill-level sensor, Senses bin fill-level and sends real-time data to clean city networks.

Clean City Networks

Real-time monitoring and data management platform. Provides optimization of collection routes.

    Key Features

    How Effective They Are?
    Once Installed These Sensors Will

  • Work seamlessly for consecutive ten years after activation.
  • Real-time updating of measurement of waste in the bin.
  • Will send the signals to the operators when the bin is full and ready for waste collection.
  • Eases your task of freight management or truck allocation.


  • Reduction in wasteful practices.
  • Reduction of emission of harmful gases from the waste.
  • Reduction in collection costs.
  • Reduction in transportation costs.
  • Saving time and efforts.
  • Efficient and effective solution for timely waste management.

Smart Collection Planning

Collections require less trucks, fuel, and time, reducing operational costs by up to 80%.

Greener Environment

Eliminates overowing bins and reduces harmful gas emissions, resulting in cleaner cities.

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