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SeeLive designed a comprehensive portfolio of sensors and devices to help you optimize your entire operations deftly.

We understand your needs. That’s why SeeLive offers a selection of perfectly tailored solutions that ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability.


The best part of working with us is our industry expertise in the area of Sewage monitoring and drainage issues. You will never stop getting astonished by the effort and the outcome.

To operate any process efficiently, it is always essential to measure, actuate, record, and control. With Seelive’s drainage sensor and MPS Level sensor, you can easily recognize the blockage areas, level of water, overflowing of garbage drains, and other such pollution events.

The sensors provide groundbreaking measurement and analytical solutions; the customer receives the best technology, reliability, and service in the business. The sensors increase the operator’s visibility and promote responsive rather than reactive management.

Water is practically used everywhere. In recent years, the water analysis industry has witnessed dramatic growth due to rapid rises in population and increasing concerns over water contamination. All these concerns apprehend a call for safe, clean water with more stringent water quality regulations.


Water is one of the most precious natural resources. In recent years, the water industry has witnessed several water challenges and is still undergoing big changes because new challenges worldwide are demanding harmonious approaches and advanced water solutions. Meeting these challenges will call for a greater focus on stringent water quality regulations.

With a holistic approach to water management, the latest innovations from SeeLive provide impressive, technologically sophisticated answers to water and wastewater critical questions.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of sensors for the water industry. The intelligent sensors and devices are fully customizable, reliable that not only measures and records water level and pressure but also gauges water quality, regular pH of water, ORP disinfectant and residual chlorine.


In automation, sensors play a vital role in making the products intelligent and highly automatic. Automation encompasses the digitization of production and proliferation of service levels. In the present era, there is a rapid demand for modern machines and devices.

The innovative sensors from SeeLive offer a comprehensive range of Automation systems, from measuring water pressure levels to auto-start of Pumps/Motors. The smart sensors are effective in predicting and preventing many future events, thus, provide business-specific industrial services.


Monitoring is an essential tool to detect and prevent failures. The sound functioning of the equipment, networks, and systems is the key to the business/industry to continue operating. Monitoring systems give insightful information and analytical data for controlling the operating systems or applications.

Here you will find SeeLives’ unmatched range of sensor solutions, including dashboard specially designed for monitoring all types of sensor and motors. The comprehensive system is highly optimized to meet industry-specific needs, which assures reliable operations and process controls.


At SeeLive, the goal is not to make more money but to deliver affordable, reliable, and economical equipment for analyzing drinking water quality and monitoring.

Water is one of the most precious resources and essential parts of our life.



Seelive’s research and development program is a vital source of our technology leadership and driven by the needs of our customers. After five years of rigorous research and testing, our specialist team has developed innovative sensors addressing critical water and wastewater related issues challenging today’s industrial fraternity.


At SeeLive, we firmly believe that prototyping is one of the most significant steps in the design and product development process. It gives insightful information to understand different variations and resolving usability issues while making a cost-effective smart product.

Our prime motto is to ‘test often and test early’ before investing time and money into the final product. With this vision, we persistently test our products many times to deliver customer-oriented products.


There is a myriad of reasons to add such high-tech, innovative sensors to our portfolio. All these sensors and devices are worthy of being used by the industrial world. We aptly tested these devices to make sure that they add value to your operational activities and make them hassle-free and time-savvy. We tested these sensors in Punjab Water and Sewer Department of Ludhiana, Rajpura, and Banaur. These sensors are still in use and give valuable information to the respective authorities.


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Want to monitor your cities Sewer and Water distribution system ?

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