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At SeeLive, the goal is not to make more money but to deliver affordable, reliable, and economical equipment for analyzing drinking water quality and monitoring.

Water is one of the most precious resources and essential parts of our life. In the present era, drinking water is very prized for all humans. Depending on the quality of water, it may either be a source of life and good health or a source of diseases and deaths.

The growing environmental degradation in recent years brought about by development, population increase, and climate change increases water pollution in oceans, lakes, and rivers.

All these activities trigger worldwide demand in the field of water quality monitoring.

Drinking water supply and distribution systems around the world are vulnerable to water contamination. Therefore, reliable monitoring of water quality is the top priority of the governments. That’s why there is an ever-increasing demand for an economical and efficient water monitoring system that can address water monitoring, including water quality.

To address all these challenges, SeeLive presents its robust range of sensors and devices that would help the water industries to combat water-related critical issues.

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