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Paddy fields need to irrigate, once with nature’s water and the rest of the times with for 1 2 times through water pump. This project name Krishi Pacemaker for paddy field is a smart IOT system that can monitor the condition of a paddy field and automatically controls the water level of the field. The system has several sensors to measure the water level, moisture, temperature and humidity of the field.
By the values of the collected data it will turn on or off control for water pump. When the field need water then the motor will turn on automatically. If the field is not in need of water then the pump will be turned off. The automation will be done on the basis of the ambient temperature, humidity, water level and moisture level, which data were collected via the sensors. The entire system is IOT driven with GSM connectivity. All the sensors are battery power driven. No power is needed at the farm side for sensing systems. The battery for the system will last 5 6 years based on the usage.


The compact sensor can be inserted directly into the growing medium with minimal disturbance to roots or shoots. The Soil Moisture Sensor Module determines the amount of soil moisture by measuring the resistance between two metallic probes that are inserted into the soil to be monitored. This is used to signal irrigation alert when the plant needs watering.


It senses the actual water level on the field above the ground level. It transmits data in real time back to SCADA.


It collects data from soil moisture sensors & level sensor and facilitates execution of irrigation automatically by opening/closing the valves as per the irrigation command received from the SCADA.


This controller takes commands from the SCADA system based on AI for the operations of the water pump. The controller turns the pump
ON/OFF on the basis of soil moisture or level of water in the field.

With the deployment of solution, we expect savings on electricity and water. Proper irrigation will also enhance the yield.

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