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Drain Sensor

SeeLive’s drain sensor detects the blockage areas by determining the level of water in the drain. The sensor is equipped with a fill-level measurement of up to 5 meters. It measures temperature and fill-level and reports the same to the server in real-time.

Product Descriptions

  • Completely wireless
  • Robust weatherproof and non-corrosive enclosure
  • Up to 7-year battery life
  • Lightweight and easily mounted anywhere
  • Can connect to several IoT networks or GPRS
  • Maintenance -free - install & forget
  • Network security and reliability


  • Intelligent management of drain issues
  • Early blockage alerts
  • Detect the exact manhole /blockage locations
  • Overspills, overfills, and emergencies are eliminated
  • Unnecessary trips on the manholes are saved and can only be conducted as and when required
  • Real-time updates help in maintaining the regularity in drain check hence avoiding the hazards
  • An efficient, low-cost and flexible solution
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